About our paper!

  The paper used by Ex Sapientia, especially for the way it is handled in our workshop, is one of our most popular references. The truth is that any raw material with high quality becomes a reference and Ex Sapientia always tries to do the best. The recipe for our paper stems from the sharing of knowledge of several generations of bookbinders, a calligrapher and the person in charge of the library at one of the monasteries that I attended, having been perfected by Ex Sapientia. We will present the work processes, however, we safeguard that the secret recipe cannot…
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Exsapientia Medieval Scroll

Exsapientia presents its new notebook concept for explorers and adventurers!       There are 80 pages in a unique format, with the best of medieval inspirations! Are you ready for your next adventure?   ♛ 𝕰
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