About ExSapientia

Welcome to ExSapientia!

Did you know that in ExSapientia's monthly production:

We use about 3km of thread;

We sew about 100000 stitches;

Our most important raw material is the paper: we respect its fiber and propoerties.

Our paper goes through 6 stages of work because we handle our paper with a secret recipe, exclusively used for our products!

We prefer using long stitching, an ancestral technique that gives our notebooks incredible durability: try it!

All of our raw materials are of Iberian origin and carefully selected by us.

All this meticulous work is carried out by our team, so that it is possible to present you with the collection that you have before you.
We do not have precarious work, no child exploitation, because all the work you see comes directly from our hands, our imagination and our hearts.

While enjoying our products, remember that!

Without all these details and knowledge, was it possible to make notebooks? Of course, but never unique like ours! ;)

On behalf of ExSapientia, thank you!

ExSapientia is a brand of handmade journals and other awesome leathercrafts! Everlasting Journals | Endless Adventures | The Best Memories

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