Mossy Celtic Grimoire

This leather journal, A Journey in the Secret Forest, made of a rustic brown leather, is perfect as traveling journal or as a diary for the wanderer warrior. Its old rustic look will inspire your writing and guide your creativity and inspiration. It measures 17 x 17 cm and it…

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The Alchemist Door Journal

The Alchemist Journal is a one of kind piece of art and writing! It took me months to figure out how could I create a journal like this. Creation takes time!This Grimorie is dedicated to the Elements: Fire, Air, Water and Earth and the Spirit. Now, it's up two to…

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Miniature Medieval Scroll Necklace

This is distinct Miniature Handmade Medieval scroll leather journal necklace. This unique scroll journal was inspired by ancient artifacts once used to record historical events and expeditions. It is made of great quality leather with a fine soft touch. This wearable book has a medieval and an amazing look. Besides…

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